Activate Your Glutes: Why Your Butt Could be Causing Your Pain

Do you have a case of flat butt?

Your glutes aren’t just responsible for filling out your favorite jeans. They play a major role in how you move (or don’t move) and are the lynchpin to many common pain patterns, including lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Learning how to activate your glutes not only helps protect your body from common injuries, but also enables you to use your body as a more powerful unit.

When someone comes to me in pain or because their performance has taken a nose-dive, one of the first things I assess is if their glute max is inhibited. Does it fire when we ask it to? Is it playing nicely with the other muscles in the movement pattern?

The gluteus maximus is that largest muscle in the body, so why does it have so much trouble showing up for work?

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