Craniosacral Therapy and the Power to Heal Yourself

benefits of craniosacralWe live in a world where more is better. In the beginning of my career as a massage therapist, clients would often ask me to go as deep as possible, even if that left them wincing on the table. 


I began to realize that when I applied more pressure, the more that person’s body pushed back or shut me out completely. Many athletes are conditioned to believe that withstanding pain is necessary for healing and that to feel better they must always do more (stretching, foam rolling, ice baths) in order to recover and heal. We bring our multitasking minds into our athletic endeavors. 


Humans are remarkable creatures because our innate intelligence includes the ability for self healing. I’m constantly blown away by how the lightest touch, coupled with a healing intention can cause the entire body to shift and ultimately heal on its own. I see this happen every day with clients. Read More