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Discover the Missing Link in Pain Relief

Our bodies are inherently intelligent: We know how to move well, feel well, recover and thrive.

But accidents, injuries, repetitive movements and constant stress push our bodies to their limits.

Pain causes us to reach for a quick fix, in an often fruitless attempt to stretch or foam roll out the tightness.

We chase symptoms, but it’s much more difficult to uncover the source of our own pain. We get stuck in this endless cycle. Never achieving lasting pain relief.

Like a car, our bodies accumulate wear and tear. This collateral damage slowly builds until our indicator light (pain) comes on.

“Maybe I’m just getting old… I just can’t do the things I used to… I might hurt myself if I try that… I’d train harder, but I always get injured first.”

We all need help navigating back to center. To learn how to take the brakes off our movement patterns. To unleash our true potential.

That’s my specialty.

To play movement detective. To uncover and treat the source of your pain, while helping your body understand how to integrate new movement patterns and lifestyle habits that support a pain-free life doing the things you love. 

This is a unique, holistic approach to healing. Clients remain clothed and we use movement as a benchmark to fully uncover and treat the underlying problem and to provide safety and stability to the body. 

Ready? Let’s get started.

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What clients are saying:

“I had a really bad crash a few months ago and was having a lot of trouble regaining full arm function. 1 session later, I was back to close to full mobility! Thanks!” -J.C., Professional Cyclist

“I’m a former Marine and adventure athlete who has abused my body in the worst ways. I’ve traveled the country looking for Doctors, chiropractors or any other body healer to help alleviate the pain. A few have helped in the short term but never with lasting results.

Beth has an ability, an intuitive gift, to see and feel the root cause of physical pain. Beth has an ability like few do to listen and weed out the truth.” – J.G, New Hope, PA

“Beth’s therapy is fantastic! Within minutes she was able to uncover and help me correct an issue that has been nagging me for years.” – LD, New Hope, PA


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